I suppose one thing that seems to be appearing more and more as a focus of interests is the idea of practical explorations of historic cinema (trick photography) techniques but with a very different set of image outcome aims, ie not trying to create ‘fantastic’ or even ‘literal’ images that illustrate a mythological storyline or visual interventions into illusory realities as they find expression via photography. Rather, the aim is to explore what ‘other kinds’ of visions these techniques can bring to fruition.

Seeing as they arguable arose out of the application of multiple techniques (say double exposure properties, models, stop motion, matting, etc) when put into the service of very specific ideas (say, ‘How do we bring this statue of Talos to life?) it also stands to reason that as an individuated process or entity even, they also permit or afford more than the specific instance that contributed to their design. So this is a reversal of the ‘Idea > Technique > Realisation‘ way of doing things to produce ‘Technique > Idea‘ where the idea isnt preconfigured and the Realisation is the appearance of it!

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