These are really experiments in loading video clips on this blog.

To try and test the differences between youtube, vimeo and my own server space itself in terms of how the videos look and play.

youtube embedded tests


Test clip of video, aiming at scanning FULL HEIGHT super 16mm gate which means loosing the whole of the soundtrack area (not needed for visual scans anyway) and using camera framing as top/bottom guidelines.

The film is a 1970’s educational film called Art of The Bowman, which I plan to do a kind of ‘artistic restoration’ on.

Quick scans of an interesting 35mm Lab Leader. Its short so recommend looping.

Quick scan of nice 35mm ‘Loop’ that was in the Arnolfini, Bristol, UK projection room. This is even shorter so definately loop.

A scan series involving manual printer switching (direction) and format swaps. ie this whole clip is assembled from scanned stills without editing.

Both these clips below, on both youtube and vimeo are displaying in the wrong Aspect Ratio at the moment. Should be 4:3. Orignial clips are 720X576 with DAR of 4:3 and PAR of 1.094. However, after rendering from Vegas, they insist on having a DAR of 5:4??? Ive only got so much (….) patience for video……..

The film however was my entry for the East Anglia Film Archive Mashup Competition. It did not win anything but Im really pleased with it nevertheless. The test for correct DAR is about half way were you see some coins. They mean to be ROUND. Any tips, help, advice is welcome about how to sort this problem. If you view the file in VLC in 4:3 then it looks correct.

Just trying to se which lenses produce the nicest ‘cloud ball’ bokeh for some planned films and the effects I want to achieve. This clip is looking through the viewfinder of the Mitchell 35R with a Nikkor 55mm macro lens.


Vimeo. I like/prefer vimeo and need to get some funding to cover the cost of a professional account. Same bloody AR issues though as above.

Really old ‘Vi’ video made for Ashton Court Blackout stage.

Test clip looking through the Mitchell viewfinder, trying to see how bokeh can become something like a coud of uncertainty…..


Server based media content. ie these are hosted on same server as this blog/website.

Test Clip of Light Install for open studios at BV 2016

Clip of light effects from MV/EE tour mentioned somewhere else in this blog.

TEST of an ogv clip. optical soundtrack experiments.

Another test, a Vi track made for Blackout stage, Ashton Court Festival. Listen with headphones, loud, late at night when you are in bed.

More light show effects. All live, analog, real time, human made.