Heres is an older oxberry camera block than the one mounted on my frankenstein optical printer.

This camera has no rack over viewfinder. It has a voltage controlled movement and adjustable shutter angle. No viewfinder seems like a problem for a camera. How on earth can you compose, focus, even see what you are shooting? This camera will be used as a camera for matte work where other plates (film elements) have been shot elsewhere by another camera. These plates are laced into this camera as if it were a projector. When the image is projected it will allow an image to be framed, traced, focussed. Once this is all done, raw film can be swapped in and composites shots can be exposed.

It has a 35mm gate and sprocket movement. It also has a standard 16mm, 2 pin gate! Finally!!! All in all its in very fine condition. Some work will need to be done to get the electronic controls working. Heres a bit of double pef film in the gate. Of course, if I wish to shoot onto single perf stock I will need to remove one set of pins. But this gate would be better suited to copying, or duping by holding material on double perf film