Good results from tests with oxberry, single image in gate, 35>35, halogen lamp. etc

Did loads of Lux measurements in gate but there’s no real guide to EV levels that are required and also the shutter speeds are not really calibrated, or even known.  Also the image is sharp closed down (as you would expect) BUT super soft, un focused almost, at larger T stops. A T-stop ramp test is required.

Was using Kodak Eastman 5231 in D96, etc. All results are in log book. Dev temp 23. Dev time 5.5 min / stop 50 seconds / Fix 2 min / wash between ALL /

Many things learnt from this test.

  1.  Prepare more accurate frame counter and test set up.
  2. Don’t use slowest vary speed, low torque and not reliable.
  3. Top up D96 to 1.5 Litres (you can see the dev level mark).
  4. Use T-stop ramp on best exposure.
  5. There’s not much difference between the numbered settings on vary speed.

A fluke, but afterwards I laid the original over the neg and its a perfect 1:1 match. Ie the image is an exact copy size wise, a perfect accident.