For some of my MASTERS practical projects I have decided to shoot frames of film negative on an Olympus PEN. This camera shoots half frame, which is exactly the same size as a 35mm motion picture frame, ie 4 perf.

I will shoot on XP2 and PAN F. Then once developed, I will hold each frame in the gate of the Oxberry and ‘print’ it for a duration down to 16mm print stock.

This way I can produce the lengths (in time and feet) I need from a very cheap and portable original technique. Its not crucial at this stage to have a moving image. In fact, its conceptually more accurate in some of the films I have planned to work from ‘stills’.



The film doesn’t really advance EXACTLY 4 perfs like a motion picture camera does, it kinda wobbles around in registration a bit. So what I do is shoot a few of each subject that I want so I have a few to choose from.