I’ll be doing these studio tours during the Cinema Rediscovered Film Festival in late July at watershed (mainly).

They are tours designed to verbalise what I am doing on several levels. In this regard they are also performances and presentations about ideas, processes, thinking and working collaboratively.

There is an assumed ‘intrigue’ or ‘fascination’ with machines that often forms the basis of inquiries into or explorations of apparatus and historic mechanisms and this is especially true of  ‘Cinema’ being principally an art that was an expression of/through/with technical apparatus. Not in totality of course but a large part of its formations and developments were precisely applications of ‘tools’ that were in themselves defined by their own materiological conditions.    Its my conviction that these tools don’t just disappear when Cinema decides to adopt a different toolset (semiconductor based currently) but rather they are free from the  over riding economic and industrial restraints of the past and are never exhausted as creative instruments.