I have finally, after what feels like 10 years (prob 10 years since acquiring this machine) but is actually 5 years of storage battles, makeshift repairs, huge learning curves (electrics, relays, soldering, circuits, mechanics and optics) got to the point where this Oxberry-Neilson/Hordell bastard printer is working enough  to make tests to ascertain what still isn’t working. I know for a fact for instance that when you rail the lens/camera back on the geared bed, the image shifts DOWN! and this tells us that the whole optical axis is misaligned.

Still a minor victory for me personally has been to; complete the basic functions of the projector head and its link with the camera; fix the camera motor and shutter mech; design a solution to the relay lens mount and open out the electrics/electronics enough to make way for modernisations like programme control etc (this will be next).

There are still so many things to do now. Final setting, level, align and fixing of the whole geared bed. Camera TUPS. Better digital counters. The perspex door to projector and any mods to this to allow LED array lighting. Acquire gates to allow 16>16 and 35>35 (really holding out for Steve at MONO.NO.AWARE for this massive help). Plates for the manual stage to mount DSLR (digitisation), Bolex (16mm alternative to Oxberry single frame camera, ie filming off gate at sound speeds), and other cameras. Experimental colour light head. Arduino or ‘C’ written programme for full control. Using Telecentric lenses. Then when all this is done actually make some bloody films.