Projects manager


1) Cube Archeology essay film

Need to write projects page (static) to keep track of individual projects with image and copy. Break downs off much larger more ambitious works and the start of things like research, tests and datum.

In effect each numbered work below would have its own page(s).

An endless list of thought/projects is interesting but not practical in making a schedule for actual things needing to be done in a certain order. What is more useful is a work sequence that identifies detailed practical steps in making certain things happen/work.

Where © is used it refers to the general idea of a ‘work’ , free, self-supporting and real. As part of research practice for MRes.

There is no real order here besides memory but this might change as time goes on.


  1. David Hopkinson leader designs. Found punched animation paper!!©
  2. Digital tests on Oxberry. Measured Nikon. Need suitable X,Y Stage next.
  3. 35mm collection of (genre) Kung Fu Tracks, bass/drums/samples/effects/vinyl.©
  4. Found Inchage Film.© (cube archeology of frame clips)
  5. More sessions with Jungulator Matt. Hand Cranked. (need mirror camera assembly built)©
  6. Still enlarger works.©
  7. Acid TL tests with new Nikon and macro.©
  8. Micro Nitrate (digital) Restorations©
  9. Watershed Super 8mm material (projector scanner build)
  10. Oxberry restoration. Lots to do now PML motor working.
  11. Steenbeck contact printer. Gates, masks, controller,new lamp-head. 16 and 35mm. Allows printing of neg to pos stock. (Dark Area)
  12. 16mm hand cranked camera from Eiki intermittent. Experimental camera.
  13. Perfectone. Get working as much as possible. Mag tape required. Might resort to using for parts, especially nice motors.
  14. Hortson 16mm projector. Get working. Not worth it.
  15. Maintain Eiki/Elfs. Get ST-M series working.
  16. More research with lamp types, masks and effects in Epidiascopes. Plywood boxes, FS mirrors, Lens? Compound lens arrays!!©
  17. Build new plywood epidiascopes
  18. Develop Haiti material. Film project©
  19. Restore Vic5.
  20. Restore Kalee 21. Full enclosed path means nitrate projection. Need to explore high brightness LED lamp sources.
  21. Bolex tests on Oxberry. Got 16mm camera sprocket. Need another gate!!
  22. Steppor Motor phenakistoscope.
  23. 35mm camera? (Dave Riddet). Tests for ‘Downright’. Film project©
  24. Audio tests with Nagra. Richie Smith. Film project©
  25. Loads of 16mm film cataloging, inc CFC and collected. FIAF cat guide!!
  26. Loads of 35mm cataloging, all Cube material.
  27. Libary and paperwork database. Book database useful now.
  28. Fix faulty 35mm Steenbeck. Stripped down to nothing.
  29. Optical experiments on 16mm. Produce positives. Film project©
  30. Optical reader experiments. Reader head for 16 and 35mm. Had idea of making red light CV controllable, gated, Env follower etc for experimental use. Must use same power supply and lamp base.
  31. Experiments with Elmo 8mm projectors. Acquired 2 nice sound models since this, so I mean D600 series conversions.
  32. Further OHP mods. Endless fun.
  33. Fix up Xenon slide machine.
  34. Fix up ALL Kodaks. Dont know how!!
  35. Beam splitter and projector for Chladini works.
  36. Custom Condensers from Kodak donors. Really, really useful for hand powered 35mm projectors at Curzon collection.
  37. 35mm intermittent machine – needs hand crank – optics. Otherwise work nicely even with no blade.
  38. Start historic bulb and lamp database.
  39. Start optical sound recording (PB only) machine. Perfectone parts. Can use the reader from the Cube K19.
  40. The Cinema-Axis film. Im determined to make this somewhere. The Arnolfini dont want it. I dont want to make it at the Cube. The Curzon might and Im going to propose it to the Eye next. Holland would be a good country to make it in!