More on the machine part I bought years ago. I have finally, after a bit more in depth research worked out that it is the basic mechanism from a Debrie Parvo L series camera.


Here is a link to a film of its manufacture and assembly.

Heres some good photos of a complete one in the Malkames Collection.


And here is the manual, in Swedish, but it shows many features like the gate that swipes over to allow TFL focussing.

The unit I have got has got several modern interventions. Firstly it has some of the area around the camera gate machined away to make way for somekind of lens (I dont have the whole shutter lens assembly, the housing or a lens). Next its got a mirror placed inside the viewfinder passage. Lastly its got a breakout drive mechanism. All these point to it being converted to a projector. When I bought it it had a lamp-house attached above the mirror.

My plan is to build it into a camera again using modern lens mounts.